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NSW Kosciuszko feral horse party policies revealed

NSW political party policies for feral horse management in Kosciuszko National Park. The Invasive Species Council, on behalf of Reclaim Kosci, has reviewed the policies of the major political parties contesting the 2019 NSW election and analysed their responses to a...

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Media releases

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Walk for Kosci

Pull on your hiking boots folks and join us for the final push to the top of Mt Kosciuszko as we send a loud and clear message to the NSW Government - Kosciuszko: It's a park, not a paddock! Join the long-distance Save Kosci walkers who have hiked all the way from...

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Expert NSW scientific committee lists feral horse threat

From today, Friday 30 November 2018, feral horses are officially recognised in NSW as a key threat to native wildlife. The case to address the growing feral horse threat to Kosciuszko National Park is now overwhelming. The NSW Scientific Committee listed ‘Degradation...

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Save Kosciuszko protesters converge on Barilaro’s office

Feral horse protesters converged on NSW deputy premier John Barilaro’s office in Queanbeyan today in opposition to the protection of destructive feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park. They were joined by the 'Save Kosci' walkers who marched all the way from Sydney...

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Kosciuszko feral horse fight-back starts today

Scientists and leading environmental organisations will today launch Reclaim Kosci, a campaign to overturn the NSW Government's decision to protect destructive feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park. The Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act, commonly referred to as...

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Stories from Kosci

Brumby running in the 1970s

Paul Hardey has ridden horses since he was a boy. As a Kosciuszko National Park ranger he monitored brumby running in the 1970s. Read his views on brumby running, and the effectiveness of re-homing and lethal culling as methods to manage horse numbers today.

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Supporting Reclaim Kosci

Reclaim Kosci is led by the Invasive Species Council and supported by the National Parks Association of the ACT, National Parks Association of NSW, Colong Foundation for Wilderness and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.