Peter Garrett calls on NSW residents to save Kosciuszko from feral horse impacts
Peter Garrett calls on NSW residents to sign the petition to save Kosciuszko from feral horse impacts.

The True History of Feral Horses in Kosciuszko
The last of the legendary cattle drives to NSW’s pastures ended with the creation of Kosciuszko National Park in the late 1960s.

Second Anniversary of NSW Brumby Bill
The passing of the NSW government’s damaging brumby protection bill more than two years ago has seen horse numbers in Kosciuszko National Park rise to their highest level yet. Farmers, politicians, scientists and environmentalists lobby have reiterated calls for the repeal of the law.

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling – Brett Frawley
Winner of our Reclaim Kosci short film competition (Judge’s choice and People’s choice). “Brett’s piece achieved a very rare thing – he used just the right proportions of humour and honesty to offer up a very clear message about the need to protect Kosciuszko National Park from feral horses. If only Australia’s politicians could learn from his example! He was brave to use such arresting images of horses – in all their majesty – en route to convincing his audience that Kosciuszko National Park is no place for hard-hoofed mammals. Lovely, original work, voiced by a corroboree frog no less!”

ACT Environment Minister Mick Gentleman calls for feral horse control
Concerns for the ACT water catchment cause ACT Environment Minister Mick Gentleman to call on NSW to manage feral horse populations across the border.

Join documentary maker Harrison Warne as he takes you on a journey to explore Kosciuszko, feral horses and their impacts on these delicate ecosystems.

Australian wildlife urgently needs our help after the bushfires
Wildlife carer, NSW firefighter and indigenous ambassador for the Invasive Species Council, Richard Swain puts out an impassioned plea to protect Australia’s surviving wildlife from feral animals in the wake of catastrophic bushfires.

Save Kosci walk
In late 2018, protesters walked 560 kilometres from Sydney to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko, to increase the pressure on the NSW government for strong action on feral horse damage in Kosciuszko National Park.

Meet the corroboree frog

Reclaim Kosci represents a broad consortium of individuals and organisations that love Kosciuszko National Park and seek to protect it from the impacts of feral horses.

Reclaim Kosci respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we live, work and learn. We pay respect to elders past, present and future, and recognise the continuing connection of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples to the land, water and culture.