Our mission

Kosciuszko National Park is for all Australians. It must be protected from feral horses and the damage repaired. Reclaim Kosci aims to do just that.


It’s the unfolding disaster that we can still stop.

In the 1960s, cattle grazing was banned from Kosciuszko National Park after being practised for more than a century because of the terrible damage hooved animals had inflicted upon plants, soil, clear mountain streams, and native animal habitats.

Over time, and millions invested in restoration processes, the landscape recovered. But now, we’ve got a problem just as serious.

Kosciuszko National Park is now being trampled by thousands of feral horses.

For the sake of this iconic Australian landscape, the horses must be managed and their numbers reduced.

It is Reclaim Kosci’s mission to protect the exceptional natural heritage values of Kosciuszko National Park from the damaging impacts of feral horses.

Reclaim Kosci seeks to do this by raising awareness of the feral horse problem, and ultimately, to bring about a plan to reduce their numbers through humane and effective means.

Further down the track, we hope to repeal the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act. Passed in the NSW Parliament in June 2018, this unprecedented piece of legislation was introduced by local member and NSW deputy premier John Barilaro without warning, consultation, or broad community support.

The Wild Horse Heritage Act overrides the legal protection provided to Kosciuszko by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act, compromising the health of the precious, fragile alpine landscape that belongs to all Australians.

Australian and international scientists, the IUCN and even the RSPCA have condemned the Wild Horse Heritage Act. A broad range of Australians who visit and love the mountains have condemned it.

Before 2018, Kosciuszko’s native plants and animals came first. While this legislation stands, feral horses have a higher status than the native wildlife of the national park. It’s that simple.
We want to change this.

We want to stop feral horses expanding their heavy hoof print throughout the national park – impacting visitors, motorists, neighbouring landholders, and of course the priceless ecosystems of Kosciuszko.

We wouldn’t stand by and watch a feral species destroy the Great Barrier Reef and we’re not going to stand by and let horses ruin Kosciuszko – all because of one lousy law and a small but noisy band of feral horse advocates, many of whom have never even visited the high country.

Reclaim Kosci represents anyone who loves and cares for Kosciuszko National Park. With your help, we will reduce horse numbers and help restore Kosciuszko National Park to its once pristine state.

After three years of heavy campaigning, late November 2021 the NSW Government introduced a new Kosciuszko horse management plan with the ambition to reduce the horse population significantly.

Our campaign will continue as we focus on:  

  • Holding the NSW Government to account on its commitments to reduce feral horse numbers in the park.
  • Closely monitoring the rollout of management plan to ensure the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service follows through with the plan’s new tools to manage feral horses.
  • Continuing to educate Australians and politicians on the effect of feral horses on Australia’s natural environment.
  • Pushing for the repeal of the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act, which prioritises the protection of feral horses over our native species.

We will not give up until Kosciuszko is protected. Please join us. For Kosciuszko’s sake.

Why Reclaim Kosci?

In June 2018 the NSW Government turned Australia into a global laughing stock when it passed legislation protecting destructive feral horses, locking in ongoing degradation of sensitive alpine habitats and threatening native plants and animals. Overturning the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act – which should be called the Kosciuszko Destruction Act – is essential for protecting our fragile alpine region.


Please support our campaign by making a tax-deductible donation today. 

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Reclaim Kosci represents a broad consortium of individuals and organisations that love Kosciuszko National Park and seek to protect it from the impacts of feral horses.

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