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We have a growing supporter base that wants to see our cherished Kosciuszko National Park protected for its high conservation values, and not treated like a paddock for uncontrolled feral horses.

If you would like your organisation or business listed here as a Reclaim Kosci supporter please fill out the form.

By signing up as a Reclaim Kosci supporter you are also adding your voice to our important mission.  

“Our mission is to protect the exceptional natural heritage values of Kosciuszko National Park from the damaging impacts of feral horses.”

As a supporter, you agree to support Reclaim Kosci’s aims to:

  1. repeal the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act 2018;
  2. raise awareness about the impacts of feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park; and
  3. substantially reduce the feral horse population through humane and effective means.
*Please note the Reclaim Kosci campaign does not suggest any endorsement of supporter organisations or the products they sell. We reserve the right to remove organisations as a supporter at any time.

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Organisations already supporting Reclaim Kosci

Australian Association of Bush Regenerators

AABR aims to foster and encourage sound ecological restoration and management practices by qualified people to protect, repair and manage Australia’s unique bushland. Hence AABR strongly supports Reclaim Kosci and the removal of invasive horses from Kosciuszko National Park.

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ACF is Australia’s national environment organisation. We are more than 700,000 people who speak out for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the places and wildlife we love. We proudly support the campaign to protect Kosciusko National Park from feral horses and other invasive species.

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Bushwalking NSW

Bushwalking NSW is the peak body for bushwalkers in NSW and the ACT. It represents the interests of more than 12,000 bushwalkers from 68 bushwalking clubs throughout the state.

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Canberra Alpine Club

The Canberra Alpine Club is committed to fostering the conservation of the alpine environment.  Their members have decades of bushwalking and skiing experience in Kosciuszko National Park and other alpine areas, and have personally witnessed the damage caused by feral horses.  The club supports significantly reducting the numbers of feral horses in Kosciuszko, and the repeal of the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act 2018.

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Canberra Bushwalking Club

The Canberra Bushwalking Club organises bushwalks, canoe trips and other activities in the ACT, other Australian states and overseas. The club has around 400 members. Club members have been walking in Kosciuszko National Park since the 1960s, and have become very concerned at the dramatic increase in horse damage over the last decade. The Club supports calls for a dramatic reduction in the horse numbers, including the use of lethal culling where necessary.

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Friends of Bogong

Feral horses are very damaging to alpine environments, and need to be controlled.

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Friends of Currango

Friends of Currango is a non-profit organisation with a strong and co-operative relationship with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Currango Station’s buildings include the oldest surviving, continuously-occupied homestead in Kosciuszko National Park.

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Klaus Hueneke and Tabletop Press

Klaus Hueneke AM is the author of Huts of the High Country and owner of Tabletop Press Books, selling books celebrating High Country lore, literature and learning.

“I would like to get rid of most of the brumbies. I believe their numbers are now totally out of control.”

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Murray Valley Bushwalkers

The Murray Valley Bushwalkers support the Reclaim Kosci campaign because feral animals (including horses) are degrading, compromising and threatening the Kosciuszko National Park’s ecosystems and wilderness values. They want Kosciuszko to be loved and enjoyed by future generations. It is simply not sustainable to allow uncontrolled numbers of brumbies in the park.

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Monaro Acclimatisation Society

The Monaro Acclimitisation Society joins with the Invasive Species Council in the quest to reduce the numbers of feral horses doing irreparable damage to the natural environment of Kosciuszko National park (KNP).

The MAS has worked co-operatively with the Kosciuszko National Park on angler access issues and we believe that the numbers of feral horses within the park need to be reduced. The number of feral horses that need to be removed is relative to the amount of damage that is presently occurring to our alpine rivers, streams, wetlands, sphagnum bogs and other threatened and fragile ecosystems within the park.

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Native Fish Australia

Native Fish Australia is a volunteer organisation for those interested in the well being of Australian native freshwater fish and the waters and ecosystems they inhabit.  NFA is seriously concerned about the adverse effects that feral horses are having on the delicate headwaters of streams in the Kosciuszko National Park.

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New South Wales Nordic Ski Club

Cross country skiing on the roof of Australia in the glorious Kosciuszko National Park since 197.

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Northern Rivers Bushwalking Club

This bushwalking club firmly believes in protecting native animals and plants from invasive species such as feral horses. To demonstrate this commitment, three of their members walked 90kms in four days from the southern end of Kosciusko National Park in December 2018 to support the ‘Save Kosci’ protest.

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Oatley Flora and Fauna Conservation Society Inc. (OFF)

Groups of OFF members have stayed in Kosciuszko NP (Smiggin Holes, Charlotte Pass) in summer for many years; some members have also skied there. We have seen how fragile the land in the high country is, and how easy it is for weeds to be spread. We value the endemic fauna and flora very highly and believe feral horses have a serious deleterious effect on the integrity of the landscape and its biodiversity.

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Paddy Pallin

Paddy Pallin has been at the forefront of environmental conservation since the inception of the Paddy Pallin brand in 1930.

“We are proud to support local and national environmental initiatives with a focus on protecting our native plants and animals from invasive species. Paddy Pallin will continue to support Reclaim Kosci for the better of our native environments.”

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Park Watch

Park Watch NSW wholeheartedly supports the Invasive Species Council’s Reclaim Kosci campaign to repeal the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act 2018. We also support immediate implementation of an approved program for the control of the feral horses. Park Watch condemns the ‘gagging’ of scientists by the NSW Coalition Government from presenting peer reviewed research supporting the control of feral horses.

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Platypus Conservation Initiative

Platypus populations are dependent on rivers and streams for feeding, nesting, and breeding. In Kosciuszko National Park wild horses are trampling river banks, removing riparian vegetation, and increasing sedimentation, likely impacting platypus burrows and their macroinvertebrate prey.

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Practical Ecology

Our company and staff support Reclaim Kosci because we understand the immense impacts of invasive species on native species and habitats in general and alpine environments in particular. We have just completed our 14th year helping Parks Victoria in managing the state prohibited weed Hawkweed on the Bogong High Plains and know how fragile alpine environments from our own professional experience. The science is clear that feral horses have enormous negative impacts on indigenous flora and fauna and the critically important water sources that feed the most important rivers of Australia.

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Ochre Lawson Art

As an artist who paints wilderness landscapes and as a consequence researches into every environment I travel through and paint, the protection of these rare and unique places are extremely important for the survival of both animals and the human race.

They are not only places of extreme beauty but places that sustain our water sources, soil viability and air quality. All living beings are symbiotic for survival.

Kosciuszko National park is a very small island compared to private land available for horses, grazing, clearing and so forth. It is imperative its diversity be protected.

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The scientific evidence has been ignored. Horses are doing terrible damage to the alpine environment of Kosci so their numbers must be reduced urgently.

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Major financial supporters of Reclaim Kosci

Australian Wildlife Society

The Australian Wildlife Society supports the appropriate management of invasive species to protect Australia’s wildlife.

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Purves Environment Fund

The Purves Environmental Fund enables and empowers others to work together to achieve meaningful impact in the areas of environmental sustainability and biodiversity.

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Founding organisations of Reclaim Kosci

Invasive Species Council

The Invasive Species Council campaigns for stronger laws, policies and programs to keep Australia’s native plants and animals safe from weeds, feral animals and other invasive species.

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National Parks Association of the ACT

NPA ACT works to promote national parks, their good management, and the protection of our fauna and flora, scenery, natural features and cultural heritage.

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National Parks Association of NSW

NPA NSW plays a crucial role in ensuring that our national parks are protected in perpetuity. NPA NSW campaign for the protection of natural areas as new national parks and marine sanctuaries.

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Nature Conservation Council of NSW

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW fights to save NSW’s ancient forests, threatened wildlife, rivers and climate. 

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Colong Foundation for Wilderness

The Colong Foundation promotes the idea of natural areas exist for nature’s sake and wilderness as a place where nature has primacy, a place where nature can flourish in glorious diversity. The Colong Foundation supports effective and humane removal of horses so that national parks can be managed free of horses.

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Reclaim Kosci represents a broad consortium of individuals and organisations that love Kosciuszko National Park and seek to protect it from the impacts of feral horses.

Reclaim Kosci respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we live, work and learn. We pay respect to elders past, present and future, and recognise the continuing connection of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples to the land, water and culture.