Kosciuszko's threatened species at risk

Kosciuszko’s most vulnerable native plants and animals under threat

Feral horses are recognised in NSW as a key threat to native wildlife. In late November 2018 the NSW Scientific Committee listed ‘Degradation and loss by Feral Horses (brumbies, wild horses), Equus caballus’ as a key threatening process under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act.

The committee found that feral horses adversely affect threatened species or ecological communities, and that they could cause species or ecological communities that are not threatened to become threatened.

Kosciuszko National Park is home to many threatened native species likely to suffer from feral horse disturbance. At risk are:

  • 23 threatened native plant species.
  • 11 native animal species.
  • 5 ecological communities.

Wildlife at risk

Species at risk: Northern corroboree frog

While the decline of the Northern corroboree frog is due primarily to the disease chytridiomycosis, preventing degradation of its breeding habitat is critical to the long-term future of the species.

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Species at risk: Alpine spiny crayfish

Habitat loss, trampling and grazing of creek-side vegetation pose serious threats to the alpine spiny crayfish, resulting in a reduction of water quality and impacting on their food sources and habitat.

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Native plants at risk

Species at risk: Feldmark grass

Feldmark grass lives only in a tiny area of Kosciuszko National Park in the sparse low vegetation of the bare rocky alpine slopes and ridges, one of the harshest environments in Australia.

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Species at risk: Monaro golden daisy

The Monaro golden daisy is highly susceptible to grazing, living now in only a small number of populations on roadsides, un-grazed reserves and very lightly grazed pastures on private lands.

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Supporting Reclaim Kosci

Reclaim Kosci is led by the Invasive Species Council and supported by the National Parks Association of the ACT, National Parks Association of NSW, Colong Foundation for Wilderness and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.