Stocky galaxias fish

Stocky galaxias
Galaxias tantangara

By Tracie MacVean (

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The critically endangered stocky galaxias is a newly described small native fish which is only known to occur in the headwaters of Tantangara Creek, upstream of the Tantangara Reservoir in Kosciuszko National Park, NSW.

This little fish’s home is threatened by habitat destruction and it’s now facing an even bigger threat. A severe decline in the stocky galaxias is projected if invasive fish reach its waters and predate upon and compete with the species (read more). There is a high risk of this happening with the Snowy 2.0 development underway, that will connect the stocky galaxias’ home with infested waters from Talbingo reservoir. 

To prevent the extinction of the species, fisheries experts are establishing a captive breeding and restocking program.

Albury-based artist Tracie MacVean was commissioned to create a large mural for the stocky galaxias aquarium, based at Charles Sturt University. 

Prints of the original design are now available for purchase.

The artwork was inspired by an image from Tarmo A. Raadik.

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