Helen Grey

Guthega Skink (Liopholis guthega)

coloured pencil on cotton

20 x 28cm

Artist statement: The aim with my art is to not only educate, but to encourage wonder and care from the public about our native wildlife that may not be so widely known or understood. For this piece, our focal subjects are a vulnerable alpine berry known as snow beard-heath, and a species of skink found in only two discreet alpine plateaux: the Bogong High Plains in Victoria and Kosciuszko National Park in NSW. These populations of Guthega Skink are one of Zoos Victoria’s priority species to conserve, with a captive breeding program running in Healesville Sanctuary to fortify genetic rescue of the species. This original scientific illustration is custom drawn in collaboration with the expert advice received from the scientists who work with this species, and their generously provided field photos, videos and knowledge of the species.