Mountain pygmy possum. Photo: Australian Alps collection - Parks Australia

Mountain pygmy possum. Photo: Australian Alps collection – Parks Australia


Mountain pygmy-possum

Burramys parvus
Endangered: Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
Critically Endangered: IUCN RedList (IUCN 2018)

The mountain pygmy-possum is a small, ground-dwelling possum. They live in boulder-fields and adjacent heathland in sub-alpine and alpine areas above 1200m. The possums hibernate during winter then wake in spring to feed on Bogong moths that also occupy the boulders.

Boulder fields with deep streams running through them are preferred habitat. Heathland provides shelter from predators and additional food in insects, nectar, fruits and seeds. The total population is tiny and at risk, estimated at around 3050 adults only.

Several threats have caused this species to be listed as critically endangered:
– Predation by feral species including cats and foxes.
– Climate change resulting in drought, degraded habitat and reduced snowfall (necessary for hibernation).
– Habitat fragmentation due to development.
– Feral horses have also been identified as a threat as they muddy streams and trample heathland resulting in loss of food and water sources, shelter from predators, and subsequently the lives of the mountain pygmy-possum.



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