Stocky galaxias © State of New South Wales through NSW Department of Industry.

Stocky galaxias © Tarmo A. Raadik


Stocky galaxias

Galaxias tantangara
Critically EndangeredFisheries Management Act 1994

Just a single population of stocky galaxias is known to exist in Kosciuszko National Park. The larger distribution of this native fish species fell victim to the introduction of predatory feral trout.

A large population of feral horses has established well-worn trails across and around the creek habitat of the remaining stocky galaxias population. Horse trampling has resulted in an almost complete loss of vegetation, leading to stream bank erosion that has created wide, shallow, murky segments where the fish cannot live.

Downstream of horse crossings fine sediment dislodged by horse damage has built up from pugging, trampling, bank slumping and runoff from trails. This sediment accumulation is less severe or absent immediately upstream of crossings.

Rocky surfaces and clean spaces between stones are important for stocky galaxias to reproduce. Sedimentation reduces the availability of spawning habitat and smothers and kills fish eggs. Direct damage by horse trampling could also crush eggs and larvae.

The population density of horses in Northern Kosciuszko is two to three times the density recorded elsewhere in the Australian Alps. For the survival of this critically endangered species, it is integral for horses to be removed from their habitat.



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