Thelmitra alpicola

Vulnerable: Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016

Thelymitra alpicola is distributed in south-eastern New South Wales and north-eastern Victoria.

The northernmost populations are in the upper Blue Mountains, the remainder of the New South Wales distribution extends north-west from the Snowy Mountains to the Bago State Forest, and to the eastern part of the Great Dividing Range, south from Braidwood.

In Kosciuszko National Park and the Bago plateau this species occurs in wet heaths and adjacent to Sphagnum bogs between 1000-1500 metres.



  • Feral horses graze and trample the population on the Bago plateau and Kiandra in Kosciuszko National Park. Feral horses also damage their wet heath and sphagnum bog habitat.
  • Permanent seepage areas may become dry and degraded and allow colonisation of species typical of drier vegetation.
  • Disturbance from road maintenance.