Anemone buttercup. Photo © Brian Slee

Anemone buttercup. Photo © Brian Slee


Anemone buttercup

Ranunculus anemoneus
Vulnerable: Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

The anemone buttercup only lives in a narrow area, about 8km wide and 32km long within Kosciuszko National Park.

It lives in environments with late melting snow on south to east facing, steep grassy slopes, or on rocky crevices and short alpine herb fields.

The buttercup has also been found along watercourses, in grassland, heathland (below snow patches) and on roadside batters.

It has regained a foothold in the Mt Kosciusko area after being seriously depleted by stock grazing, before this was ceased there in 1958.



  • It is palatable to feral horses, deer, rabbits and cattle, and is highly sensitive to grazing and trampling.
  • Habitat loss or degradation from developments.